Getting to Know Andy D

Girls Rock! had the privilege to talk with Andy D about his upcoming workshops- Hip Hop Lyric and Songwriting. Andy D and his wife, Victoria, have toured in 36 states and 3 countries in Europe. He has released four albums and has another one on the way!

In the workshops, on Oct. 11 and 18, you will examine the parts of a song: verse, chorus, bridge, intro, outro, etc and their function within the song both musically and in lyrical idea progression. You will also be looking at pop song structures, non-pop song structures, hip-hop song structures, and how these influence lyrical content and delivery.

Here's what he's planning and why he wants to teach songwriting!

Q: Girls Rock Indy wants to know your passions. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: My passions have long been music - performing and creating it, art in all it's forms, anthropology, political theory, literature, mythology, and folklore. I have long worked in the nonprofit sector as well as being a full-time touring musician.

Q: How do you plan to teach your class?

A: Ideally this class will be a space to workshop songwriters' wholly crafted songs, fragments, and mere ideas alike, as well as to foster new ideas about songwriting and to be mindful of lyrical content and style, as well as song structure and arrangement. The class will be dependent on everyone's participation and deep discussion of individual artistic process, goals, and artistic intent. Half of the time will be spent in this discussion and the other half will be in seeing how the topics discussed play out in lyric and song craft with each participant's writing instrument or production/beat.

Q: Describe your philosophy on the subject you plan to instruct.

A: There are no rules in songwriting and lyric craft, but it is important to know how others approach and have approached songwriting. My goal is really to foster a mindfulness of what we want to say and how we go about saying it in lyrics and song structure. As such, the class will be mostly guided discussion and experimentation with writing instruments by all participants.

Q: Are there any specific goals you want to accomplish by the end of your class?

A: My only goal will be for all participants to have a deeper understanding of what it is they are doing when they write lyrics and craft their songs armed with insight about how their peers approach this crucial aspect of being a musician here in our artistic community.

To check out and sign up for all of fall classes and Andy D’s class- check out our website at

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