Girls ROCK! Fountain Square!!!

Girls Rock! Indy Hosts Family Day at Fountain Square Music Festival

As a part of last weekend’s Fountain Square Music Festival, Girls Rock! Indianapolis hosted a rad all-ages Family Day at the Fountain Square Theatre.

PHOTO:“I like playing the drums loud.” Eden, age 4 ½ (photo credit Kate Newman)

Families from in town and out of state were in attendance at the event featuring live music from Mr. Daniel and Shoobee Loo, face painting, crafts, games, and their signature musical petting zoo.

“The point of the musical petting zoo is to allow kids – anybody, really – if you’ve never been able to pick up a guitar and strum it, then you can come to the petting zoo and strum away, crank it up,” says Twinkle VanWinkle, executive director of Girls Rock! Indianapolis. “ That’s what the petting zoo is for! It’s an exploration station.”

PHOTO: “My favorite thing was the face paint. It’s a butterfly.” Ella, age 4 (photo credit Kate Newman)

Girls Rock! Indy volunteers Dana Dobbins and Maddie Theaman – both seniors in high school and former Girls Rock campers themselves – were excited to help those at Family Day get the opportunity to experience the benefits of musical trial and error.

“I feel like it’s about more than just sounding good and writing music that people will listen to,” Dana said. “It’s about the dexterity and teaching your brain how to think differently. A musician doesn’t think the same way as a painter does, and a painter doesn’t think the same way a mathematician will. It’s just a way to open synapses in your brain and learn new stuff, and I just really think it’s important for a community to have that open-mindedness.”

Dobbins and Theaman were also eager to encourage younger musicians, and both were effusive about the fantastic results that come along with teaming up with musicians of different skill levels. Whether beginner or virtuoso, they both believe anyone can make amazing music.

“I feel like having that diversity makes the music better,” Dobbins says. “It makes the experience better, too.”

PHOTO: “I like that you can play the instruments, I like guitar. The strings are really fun to play.” Quentin, age 8, in pink jacket (photo credit Kate Newman)

“And it’s also important to point out, for girls who do want to join a band but don’t have any musical experience, simplicity doesn’t mean boring,” says Theaman “They are not the same thing at all!”

More photos from Girls Rock FAMILY DAY at FSMF!

(photo credits: Holly Sommers, Matt Sommers, Dave Evans, Kate Newman)

Thanks to our friends Indy CD & Vinyl, Homespun: Modern Handmade, Lux & Ivy, NUVO Newsweekly, The Indianapolis Museum of Art, Carpe Diem School, Indy With Kids, Butler Toyota-Scion, Do317, Guitar Center, and the IUPUI School of Music & Arts Technology for participating!


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