Volunteer Spotlight: Q & A with Cathy Hurt

Board member and Girls Rock! Indy volunteer Cathy Hurt is more than just clowning around when it comes to music. She’s led a life focused on playing and enjoying music since she was a young girl. She serves as the Treasurer on the Girls Rock! Board of Directors and is always a happy face and helping hand every summer at GRI camp.

You’ll see her almost every First Friday in our headquarters hanging out, but THIS month, she’ll be on our stage jamming with her band, the Cosmic Preachers. Make sure to drop by and check them out!

Q: When did you first get started with music?

A: I started playing flute in grade school band.

Q: What's your favorite memory from volunteering with Girls Rock?

A: When the first band I coached at camp took the stage and nailed it. I wasn't sure what was going to happen- our practices were all over the map. I was so proud of them!

Q: What made you decide to take your relationship with Girls Rock to the next level and become a board member?

A: Once I had been to camp, I was totally hooked on Girls Rock and wanted to help keep a good thing going. I volunteered for various things and got to know the group better. I have a financial background and when the former treasurer was ready to move on I was a good fit for the board.

Q: What are you listening to right now?

A: I've been listening to Davie Bowie's Blackstar a lot. (And crying a bit too.) My comfort music is 70s British invasion/progressive rock. Recent discoveries for me are a band called Dug Dug's and Gary Clark Jr. I also will pick up music when I see a good live band. The Traveling Suitcase, Vinyette, SM Wolf, Steepwater, and Kilgore Trout come to mind, but there are SO many others. (Support live music!!!!!!)

Q: What female in the media do you respect and why?

A: I read Sheila Suess Kennedy's blog every day, even though it often gets my blood pressure up. I respect her professionalism and her values. (I wish more of our lawmakers thought the way she does!)

Q: What other projects have you worked on besides the Cosmic Preachers?

A: I have been in a band of one kind or another since I was about 12. Since I've been in Indy, most of my projects have also featured my husband Steve, a guitar player. Our current band is the Sax Pistols- we play classic rock and 80s. Before that, we played blues/blues rock with Day Job Blues. We also like to go to the various blues open stages around town when we have time. Just recently, I quit my actual dayjob and became a member of the Circle City Sidewalk Stompers. http://www.clownband.com/

The Cosmic Preachers

Friday, February 5, 2016

Girls Rock! Indianapolis HQ

1043 Virginia Ave, Ste. 214

Indianapolis IN 46203


6 - 9 p.m.

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